Shop Fronts.

A professionally designed and assembled aluminium shop front is essential for the appearance of any store, with the main aim of showing off your merchandising in an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing style, and to be inviting to your customers. We can accommodate extreme heights and have different profile systems to accommodate different heights. And the emphasis is always on maximum glass sizes to cause least obstruction to the view.

The correct choice of shopfront can also significantly raise the value of your property. Aluminium and glass shopfronts require very little maintenance and will never rust or warp.

Manufactured from specially designed extrusion systems, your shopfront can incorporate a selection or combination of fixed glass panes, folding doors, sliding doors, French doors – even projected or sliding windows, although these are less common. French doors can be fitted with automatic door closers.

Sliding doors can be manually operated or fitted with mechanisms for sensor-activated opening and closing.